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  • Who:
    Jason Capital, America's Honest Dating Coach, Private and In-Person, plus bonus Q & A Sessions.
  • What:
    The Miami Badass Mentor Retreat
  • Where:
    Sunny Miami Florida!
  • Why:
    We're going to download my "badass success" mindset into your brain. Then I'm going to share the specific strategies I can't reveal online that have laid the hottest women on the planet.. built 7-figure businesses from scratch.. and created a kickass lifestyle to die for. Armed with this advanced intel, you're going to walk out a new man, and better yet, with a proven, bulletproof plan already in-motion that's going to make this summer the best damn summer of your life - guaranteed.
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  • Ryan

    Working with Jason has been without a doubt one of the best investment decisions I’ve ever made. Any questions you have for him, he’ll over deliver 110% of the time. I worked with Jason for the 2 FULL days and within those 2 days, he literally gave me the KEYS TO FREEDOM.

    P.S if anyone gets the opportunity to work with JC, I would HIGHLY recommend it, REGARDLESS OF THE COST. The value and exposure he will bring to the table for you will be 20X greater value than the money you'll pay to work with him. That I guarantee you.

  • Peter T.

    Jason Capital is the Jesus Christ of Male Success…

    Everyone believes that meeting the wizard behind the curtain will change you.

    I for one can say that this wizard definitely lives up to the hype. Since venturing out last November to attend the original Digital Millionaire Live seminar, I cannot even fathom how I was able to accomplish what I have in the past year alone. I’ve written and completed 8 books and online programs, started my own business and I’m on track to hit 6 figures this year. Oh did I forget to mention I turned 21 last week :).

    Bragging aside, my conclusion to my success is this: I am 100% certain that if it weren't for JC, none of these results would’ve possible. JC, aside from his wicked marketing expertise and his uncanny ability to teach fundamentals and cut through the bullshit, learning from him in person every few months at mastermind meetings lights a fire under your ass to get shit done. And it fucking works! There’s simply no other logical explanation. The environmental exposure (invest in SIS if you don’t know what i;m talking about) you get truly changes you from your core. I think it may even alter your DNA…jk, not really.

    If theres one thing to take from this is that, if you want to dramatically accelerate your success in any endeavour you undertake get a mentor who has done what you have done. Luke had Yoda, Harry had Dumbledore and Alexander the Great had Aristotle…who had Plato…who had Socrates. Success breeds success. Can’t wait to see everyone else at the top of Team Capital!

  • Wyatt

    I met Jason in person at the Digital Millionaire Live training that was held in San Diego at the end of summer 2015, and if I had to put the whole experience into a sentence, I would say: This is the most I have been challenged since I set out to become the most BADASS version of myself almost 4 years ago. This shit is real and it is possible, but you have to want it and be ready to do what ever it takes to have it. For some of you, you are not ready for that kind of success yet. Jason is a fucking stud and he knows what he is doing. For those of you who are ready for the success that you deserve, what are you waiting for man? Save up and meet this fucker in person.. It will change your life.

  • Patrick S., AZ

    Let me tell you what, working with JC in person is unreal. Aside from the fact that if you do get the chance to meet him, he'll be teaching you some life changing intel... He is a great person to model for yourself.
    Hell, that's one of the main reasons I made it a point to meet him. The second he enters the room, you can just feel his presence.

    Here's the thing, I couldn't meet Steve Jobs. I couldn't meet Harvey Specter. I couldn't meet Iron Man. However I could meet Jason Capital.

    Seeing first hand the way he walks, the way he responds to people, the way he responds to his female assistants, heck the way he responds to ME... That experience cannot be replicated by watching Youtube videos.
    If anybody passes up the chance to meet JC, they're doing themselves a disservice.

  • Austin G.

    After working closely with JC these past few months I have learned more than the entire previous year just following you online.

    At my day job my bosses are already talking about giving me another raise, and moving me up to work personally under the owners. My game has improved and the women are just throwing themselves at me.
    Peace you badass Mother Fvcker!!

  • Benjamin M

    To sum up my Team Capital Live experience: I got 20X the value (at least) while I was in attendance. And more importantly, my drive and momentum since the event has me crushing it every single day. Can't thank you enough Jason, and I will be seeing you again really soon!

  • John C.

    There comes a point when the entire course of your life changes because of one event. Whether it's the day you finally punched that bully in the face when you were a kid, or the day you almost died, or the day that you fell in love with her, we all have those moments that shape your lives. The fork at the road, so to speak.

    Well, meeting and working with Jason in person was that moment for me. Nothing was the same after I met him. It was in Vegas, January this year. Exactly 10 months ago now that I think about it. January 16, 2015. Long story short, the opportunity to attend one of his seminars came and I decided to take the leap of faith and go.

    It's an odd experience. Meeting someone in person that you've built up in your mind for a long time. You imagine what the experience will be like and what the person will be like and you try your best to experience the moment fully without comparing it to your preconceptions when it finally happens.

    First thing I noticed -- the energy. Dostoyevsky once said, "We sometimes encounter people, even perfect strangers, who begin to interest us at first sight, somehow, suddenly, all at once, even before a word has been spoken." I think it captures perfectly how I felt upon meeting Jason. I mean, there's something about the guy when you meet him. He's just interesting. He piques your interest for some weird reason. And he didn't even do anything special and you haven't even said word to the guy yet. Then, why do I (and did I) find him interesting? I still don't know. But I do know that it's not something you can experience through a computer screen. You have to be there physically, shake his hand, gaze into his eyes, and feel it first hand. This is why you should meet him in person. Have you ever wondered what it really means when people say someone has "presence"? My words won't do it justice, but I will say that Jason has presence and you will feel it when you meet him.

    My point is: Just go see him in person. Go into debt if you have to. I did. Was it worth it? Yeah.

    Life is short guys. Might as well spend our time with cool people than boring people.

    I love you all.

  • Bernard D.

    Earlier this year, I took big action, and attended the live session with Jason - and the energy was insane! If you've seen Jason online, you know the energy level that comes across on his videos - working with Jason live is another level of magnitude - the amps go to 11... Like watching VHS all your life, then suddenly watching 4K with full surround sound - just fvcking awesome!!

    Since investing in myself, and working with Jason both live and through the training products, the change is nothing short of incredible! In just the past 6 months, I'm now earning over $110K a year, building up my own digital empire, and juggling the attentions of 6 hot women, 4 of whom are in their mid-20s (I'm in my mid-forties)... This shit works!!

    Invest in yourself - take action - and get in the company of like-minded badasses - like Jason Capital!


Is Your Country Represented? Badass From 18 Countries Are Already Coming..

  • Day 1: May 12, 2016
  • 10:00AM - 12:00 PM: Registration
  • 12:00PM - 1:00PM VIPs
  • 1:00PM - 3:00PM: Main Session 1
  • 3:00PM - 4:00PM: General Lunch Break
  • 4:00PM - 6:00PM: Main Session 2
  • 6:00PM - 7:00PM: Closing Session
  • 7:00PM - 9:00PM: VIP-Only Cocktails
  • Day 2: May 13, 2016
  • 11:00AM - 12:00AM VIPs
  • 12:00PM - 1:30PM: Main Session 1
  • 1:30PM - 3:00PM: Main Session 2
  • 3:00PM - 4:00PM: General Lunch Break
  • 4:00PM - 6:00PM: Main Session 3
  • 6:00PM - 7:00PM: Closing Ceremony

Special Guest Speakers


Mentor #1 - Jason Capital, America's Honest Dating Coach

Jason Capital is author of the #1 best-sellers, Make Women Want You. His private clients include Hollywood celebrities, millionaire entrepreneurs and Silicon-funded CEO's. His digital teachings and trainings have changed the lives of 162,000 men in 110 countries already (and counting) too. He's been featured by the media on all 6 livable continents and is routinely referred to as "as the best dating coach in the world" and "the new Tony Robbins for men". 


Mentor #2 - Elliott Hulse

Elliot Hulse is a best-selling author, teacher and was voted the "most popular fitness personality on YouTube" by Ryan Seacrest. He has over 2 Million Subscribers following his daily videos and emails, and is the creator of the "King System". He, too, is a badass.


Mentor #3 - Lin Oeding

Lin Oeding has quickly become one of Hollywood's most in-demand directors. A student of Bruce Lee, Lin recently finished filming his last film Braven, starring Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones). He's trained and worked with Denzel Washington, Vin Diesel and Tom Hardy, amongst others. He, too, is a badass.


Mentor #4 - John Romaniello

John Romaniello is a celebrity fitness trainer, angel investor and author of New York Times Best-Seller, Engineering The Alpha. Roman's clients include A-list actresses, Gary Varynerchuk and a couple of the most successful record producers of all time. He had the crowd roaring in Vegas, and is back by popular demand. He, too, is a badass.


Mentor #5 - Ryan Magin

Ryan Magin is known across the land as The Handsome Guy Expert. He is the creator of the best-selling Handsome Guy Secrets Program, and Team Capital's #1 publishing client. He bled value on stage in Vegas, and is back by popular demand. He, too. is a badass.


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Your Satisfaction is
100% Guaranteed

Show up, and if by lunch on Day One you haven't gotten at least 3 life-changing ideas, find one of my girls immediately and get your entire investment for coming back.


I’m personally inviting YOU to a very special 2-day hands-on workshop I dub “Jason Capital's Badass Mentor Retreat" (with all brand-new content and Mentors). An intensive retreat in one of the sexiest cities in the world, Miami.

You’re going to leave the event a brand new man.
A different man...

The Ultimate Badass

First, we’re going to download my mindset into your brain—just like Neo learned Kung Fu. You’re going to ooze Badass. Fly helicopters. Stop bullets in their tracks. Learn advanced weaponry. (Ok, maybe we won’t have time for all that, but that’s what it’s going to feel like.)

Then I’m going to share the specific strategies that have laid the hottest women in Hollywood and Miami.. built 7-figure businesses from scratch... and created a kickass lifestyle to die for.

I’m giving you the tactical step-by-step maps and blueprints that leave nothing to chance.

You’re going to walk out a new man, and better yet, with a proven, bulletproof plan already in-motion that's going to make this summer the best damn summer of your life - guaranteed.

WHATEVER YOU DO don’t let 2016 turn out like 2015.
Play a new game. A different game.

Let's Make This Summer

Your time to dominate...

Here are just a few of the things you’ll be immersing yourself in from me as well as the other prestigious faculty...

1. Conquering High Status Game in the Next 48 hours: While we’re together, let’s have some fun with the ladies. Saturday afternoon and evening, you’re going to experience life Jason Capital style. (Do it right and odds are you’ll wake up the next morning in someone else’s bed.)

2. Your First 7-Figure Year: You know you’ve thought about it. Hard. Now let’s DO SOMETHING about it, ok? You’ll walk out the ballroom doors with a plan. A REAL FRICKN’ PLAN we’ve collaborated on together.

3. Mission Impossible: My Proprietary “Summer Destruction” Formula Revealed: Summer 2016 is almost here. Biggest tip I can give you now? Plan to dominate it - friends, women and money . Leave it all on the field, my man. I’ll show you how.

4. Badassery 101: The Inner Game of Badass: Badass is NOT looking cool. Badass is NOT what you wear, what’s in your wallet or the kind of car you drive. Badass is a state of mind, a state of being. You’re not in Kansas anymore, let’s get that straight.

5. Three Keys to Building a Rockstar Personal Brand: Right now, the world is looking at you wondering “Who the fvck is this guy?” Why is he here?” Your personal brand answers these questions without you saying a word. Here’s how to make it count.

6. The Social Circle Revolution: You are who your 5 closest friends are. If that thought depresses you, it’s time to upgrade your social circle. Massively. I’ll show you how.

7. Badass Biohacked Health, Diet & Fitness: If you’re not fit, if you’re not healthy, you’re running on fumes. Let’s turn it around right now before you run out of gas. In the process, let’s swap out unleaded gas for rocket fuel.

8. Near Genius-level Thinking: Yeah, these days I mentally operate at a higher level. I owe it to ACTION, my self-made supplement that boosts brain power. I reveal my secrets. (Plus my recipe for the best green juice on the planet.)

9. How I Get My Way: You don’t need 501 persuasion tips. You need seven. MY seven. Learn these and next time you negotiate with Trump? You’ll make him beg for mercy.

10. Next Level Strategy: No matter who you are, every badass wants to raise the bar in whatever game they’re playing. Let’s do this.

And much, much more...

As you can appreciate, this retreat is not about information.

(And if you were in Vegas for the first Retreat of the year, be very excited. We're bringing all BRAND-NEW INTEL, mentors and content to Miami, you haven't seen or heard anything like this before.)

It’s about RESULTS.

I know what you want and in two days, my team and I are bringing a firehose to the event, forcing you to drink it all in. Not a drop to waste.

Be prepared. We’re going to deliver... 20X. Because that’s how we roll…

Register NOW before someone else gets your seat.

Photos from our last Badass Mentor Retreat